Saturday, September 26, 2009

In the dark..

You think your dreaming but as you become more conscious you realize that the sound of moans and screams is close and real. You can hear the faint sound of whips hitting skin. You try to sit up and that is when you realize your tied to a bed, you hope its a bed. Your eyes are open but it is still dark with only peaks of light. Your blind folded. panic begins to set in. Your mind races.."where am I? How did I get here? Who brought me here? Have I been kidnapped? Am I going to die?"

Then you hear it. It eases all your fears. Her voice. "hey baby, your finally awake". You hear the clink of her shoes. You know they are probably black and high. Then you feel something on your ankle and it begins to move up your leg. Her nails, you would know those nails anywhere. You feel them move up your calf, your thigh, your hip. At that moment you realize your naked. Your mind races again "i'm naked, tied up, blind folded and she is a sadist. Did she forgive me for that incident? Will she respect the safe word? What does she have planned?" As you continue to think about everything you ever did to her, the feeling of her nails continuing to run over your body, the moans and screams in the background, the whips, the sound of her high heels on the hard wood floor. You begin to freak out. You shout out "I don't know the safe word" then it happens your fear comes true. You hear the sinister laugh and then feel her breath against your ear as she whispers "in this game there is no safe word" and she litely kisses your cheek.

The bed squeeks and moves as she gets on top of you. Your cock has run away trying to hide. She giggles as you feel her tongue run up your thigh and along your cock. Her mouth slowly takes your cock in and you try not to get aroused but fail miserably. You feel the wetness of her mouth on you and the sucking sensation. Her tongue runs up and down in time with her mouth. She moves faster and faster, forcing you further down her throat. You hear her gag occasionally as your cock thrusts against the back of her throat. Your body begins to quiver, you moan and your about to cum when she stops. "Not yet baby" she says.

Now..Close your eyes and dream of her. Imagine what she is wearing and what she is about to do next...You never know your dream could be her fantasy.

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