Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dinner In

It has been a long day at work. finally, I arrive home. Trying to decide what to make for dinner as i open the front door. As I walk in a floral scent peeks my senses. As I am taking of my shoes, my man appears wearing his adorable heart boxers. I can see that he is excited to see me. As I am smiling at him he walks over and pushes me against the wall. He grabs my arms pinning them on the wall. He rubs his cock against my ass and begins kissing my neck. He grabs both my arms in one hand and uses his other hand to go up my skirt and rip off my underwear, forcing my legs open. I feel two of his fingers enter my pussy, his thumb is rubbing my asshole as he finger fucks me. My pussy is wet and eager to feel him inside me. I try to push my body back to let him know I am ready but he forces me against the wall. he continues to finger me, I am getting wetter as he moves his fingers in and out of me.
He pulls his fingers out and lifts up the back of my skirt. I feel his cock enter me. He thrusts hard, my body is forced harder against the wall. He feels amazing and I can hardly control myself. I let out several loud moans as I cum. he pulls out, turns me around and forces me to my knees. He shoves his cock into my mouth and I can taste my sweet cum all over it. My mouth moves up and down on his cock, taking him all in. He thrust his hips and grabs my hair forcing his cock further down my throat. I almost choke as he continues to thrust down my throat. My left hand is squeezing his ass as my other hand squeezes and rubs his balls. I feel them getting harder and I know I am about to get a mouth full. He loudly moans and yells as he cums down my throat. He pulls out and I lick his cock making sure I get all the cum. I look up and him and smile and say "so what's for dessert?!"

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