Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Night with Autumn Part One...

It seems that everybody has that ultimate sexual fantasy that they want to do. Most guys say it is the threesome. They all want to do one. Women on the other hand are a little more creative and diverse. If you poll a group of women none of them will have the same fantasy. My fantasy is a little different then others.
Autumn was not only a beautiful season but also a gorgeous women. She had flowing brown hair that framed her face, gorgeous eyes that when you look into them you get lost. Her body was curvy but beautiful. I had been talking with her for months online and she had finally agreed to meet me. I was more then excited. I wanted her in more ways then she knew. We were meeting halfway between where we each lived. I had arrived early to make sure the room was what I wanted. It was. It had the hot tub that would actually fit both of us and the bed was big and comfy. There was a pull out sofa if she really wanted it. I didn't know if she would be into me, but I wasn't going to pass this opportunity up by being reserved. I sent her a text letting her know the room number. 45 minutes later a knock sounded on the door. The moment of truth. I had already called the front desk to make sure if I needed another one I could get one. I opened the door and there she stood more beautiful then in her pictures. We smiled and hugged then she came in the room. She looked around and said "there is only one bed" I smiled walked over to her ran my hands up her sides and kissed her. Then I said "there is a pull out couch". She looked surprised but she didn't pull away if anything she pushed her body closer to mine. I leaned in again and ran my tongue along her lower lip then parted her lips with it and passionately kissed her. Our tongues were intertwined as our bodies pushed closer together. I ran my hand up her side then began rubbing and squeezing her breast. I could hear her whimper as I did this so I knew to move on. My other hand went underneath her shirt, I pulled her bra down and began squeezing and flicking her nipple. her arms wrapped tighter around me as I slowly pushed her over to the bed. I pushed her so she fell onto the bed and I crawled on top of her. I pulled her shirt up and began kissing and running my tongue over her satin smooth skin. I sucked on her nipples and my hand made its way down to her jeans. I opened them sliding my hand in I began rubbing her pussy through her underwear. She moaned, moving her hips into my hand. Sitting up I pull her pants off. I lean forward and kiss her stomach moving down her body. My mouth reached her pussy. My tongue flicks her clit then I begin sucking on it. Her moans are arousing, her hips continue to push her pussy into my mouth. My tongue runs up and down her lips then enters her. My tongue moves quickly in and out of her as my thumb continues to rub her clit. I suck and lick her, my fingers work her as I suck. Her moans get louder as her body begins to shake her hands forces my face on her harder. She explodes on my fingers, I pull them out and lick up all her juices then lick my fingers off. She is breathing hard and smiling. I kiss her thigh and say "what do you want to do now?" Looking at me she breathlessly says "take a nap, then a bath". I move back up and pull her into my arms. I kiss her forehead and we fall asleep.

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