Monday, August 31, 2009


Feeling your lips on mine again feels so amazing. My body quivers and I feel myself getting all wet. Your hands run down my arms, making me jello in your arms. Pushing me back I fall onto the bed. You crawl on top of me kissing your way up my body. I run my hands through your hair then put them under your arms trying to pull you up to my lips again. Your left arm takes both of my arms restraining them above my head. You lightly bite my bottom lip then run your tongue down my chin and neck. You let my arms go as you move your lips back down my body. You mouth encompasses my nipple as I feel you suck and lick it. My body thrusts up as I moan. Your mouth continues down my stomach licking and kissing as you make your way to my pussy. As you pull my underwear down you look up at me and smile. I feel your tongue flick and suck on my clit. Your fingers work in a fast hard motion in sych with your mouth. My legs wrap tight around your head as my pelvis thrusts up to force my pussy harder on your mouth. I moan loudly and pull your hair hard as my juices explode on your mouth. I smile at you as I try to catch my breath.

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